There’s No Place Like Home: Vietnam and Anthony Bourdain

Before I arrived in Vietnam, I remember thinking to myself that I needed to watch the Vietnam episode of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations". For those of you who have never seen it, it is an old show that aired in... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine State

We loved Portland, and though reluctant to leave, we were also excited to spend just over a week in California. We had booked a flight several weeks before to San Francisco, but decided to only stay in there for one... Continue Reading →

North West (no relation to Kanye)

The thing about writing a blog when you're travelling is that often, it's much easier to just not write it - unfortunately I haven't quite developed a habit of writing often on here, nor have I really figured out what I... Continue Reading →

A Fortnight in the Great North

I know it has been a while since I last updated this page - my excuse is that I have had a very busy few months. Summer absolutely flew by. I spent my days busy at work trying to wrap... Continue Reading →

Songs of Springtime

Hey everyone! Time for post #2 featuring some of the top tracks on my iPod right now. I am starting to realize that my music choices tend to fluctuate with the seasons, which totally makes sense - Winter is typically deep, and... Continue Reading →

Sunday night emails

Hi [insert name here], I hope you are well. I was one of your patients at [some place that isn't important to this]. I haven't had an appointment with you for over a year, and I was hoping to see you... Continue Reading →

Walking through this life (down the Sweetgrass Road)

There is a topic that I have wanted to get into for a while now, however I find it difficult to talk about. Difficult because it is so complex, and so profound. Difficult because I feel outside of it, even... Continue Reading →

A Shout-Out to Those of Us in the Middle

As each day of my life passes, I find that I think about myself in different ways than I did even a few short weeks, months and years ago. I spent many years of my youth neglecting thinking about myself, mostly... Continue Reading →

Some of my favourite excerpts, lyrics, quotes, and lines

I'm having another one of those mental blocks so I want to share with you some of my favourite pieces of writing - the short ones. These include anything from song lyrics, quotes from non-fiction and fiction, poetry, and one-liners.... Continue Reading →

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